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Windows 8 supported!
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

VidaOne Diet & Fitness


mHere  New! 

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Welcome to VidaOne.com!

Whether you're using your PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, we have the most complete diet, fitness and health software to motivate you to get and stay fit!

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Introducing mHere!

mHere (I'm here) is a new Android app to find and follow live
your friends on your phone's map and invite them to follow you too! A must if you exercise out there with friends.

Easy to choose who to follow, who can follow you and whether you're sharing your location at all or not.

Available for Android on Google Play for free!

VidaOne provides a complete and integrated suite of
health, fitness and nutrition applications
for your mobile phone and Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

On-the-go? Track your meals, workouts and health on Windows PC, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone) and Palm OS, using the best integrated software suite available today. We've been receiving awards for years, so we do have a proven record of developing and supporting the best software that you need.

Want your data private? No Internet connection required and local synchronization means your data stay private and secure
on your PC and phone. Not on the web. Not on somebody else's server. It's for your eyes only.

Want to keep your data for the long run? Should you replace or update your phone, you can get all you data back on your new phone in seconds. Some customers have over 10 years of data on their new phone (and PC).

VidaOne has partnered with Pancreum to develop an Android appp for a bi-hormonal, control-to-target artificial pancreas. More...

Want to automatically track your Diet Summary??

The Withings Body Scale is the first Wi-Fi scale that tracks your weight and body fat, and links directly into VidaOne Diet & Fitness. And if you're synchronizing with our mobile apps, you will get access to your records on-the-go as well.


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VidaOne Diet & Fitness

VidaOne Diet & Fitness

VidaOne Diet & Fitness

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