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Windows 8 supported!
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

VidaOne Diet & Fitness


mHere  New! 

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad




Windows Mobile touch screen


Windows Mobile non-touch screen


Palm OS



MyPersonalDiet is compatible with the iPad.


User's guide (PDF)
 Recent Versions
Version 1.6 (Sep 15, 2010)
Improved support for iOS4.
Version 1.5.4
Added an option to auto-sync when the app is opened.
Version 1.5
Synchronization improvements.
Version 1.3
Added Ankle body measurements
Body measurements can be charted
Improved support for Metric units.
Changed coloring/ordering of the My Food categories.
Improved data entry of custom food items.
Version 1.2
Calories can now be properly entered with custom foods.
Version 1.1
The food items are shown with their full name in the Favorites list.

There's no excuse now... :)

By far the most comprehensive diet and nutrition mobile application,
MyPersonalDiet gives you the tools to reach your weight goal by providing simple yet sophisticated means of tracking your food and workouts, monitor your health and get clear assessments of your efforts and results via a wide variety of diverse charts.

For those who want to lose weight, dieting is in part calculating calories. It's about learning and understanding our body requirements, what to consume and in what amount.

For those who closely watch the food they eat for various reasons (food restrictions,
health goals, medical condition, etc), the key to follow a successful diet is to know
whether the various constraints of the diet are being followed or not (and why).

Overall, with respect to your goals, MyPersonalDiet is the only app to offer a plethora of features
to enter, track and monitor any aspect of the food you consume and provides a variety of reports
to let know at any moment whether you are reaching your goals or not.


  • Full synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3.2.0 (or newer) (sold separately), for faster data entry and for a safe, indispensable backup of all your workout data in case your phone is damaged, lost, stolen. And if you replace it with another supported phone, you can transfer all your data on it in seconds.
  • Live GPS recording on Google Maps. See your route while working out and review it once you're done. Routes are also synchronized with VidaOne Diet & Fitness.


And they look much better on a real device...
You can enter your meals, workouts, health, record your workouts live via GPS (Global Positioning System) and synchronize with VidaOne Diet & Fitness. Recorded routes are shown on Google Maps, and can also
be seen in VidaOne Diet & Fitness on your PC or Mac.

Journal, diet summary (calories)

Journal, diet summary (weight)

The Journal's daily summary depicts whether you are
eating too much, just right or not enough.
The Journal's diet summary shows your diet accomplishments towards your diet goals
The Diet Wizard's weight goal screen shows a
personalized Body Mass Index chart to give you a
crystal-clear picture of what your target weight should be.
The Diet Wizard's weight diet duration shows a period range which is considered healthy. The red line
(the target duration) shows your diet duration.
Points, yes you can track them.
With an optional daily target too!
The calendar shows whether the diet is on track or not. You get to see in a blink if you're on track or not.
Each meal is shown with calories, points (optional), food items, the nutrients you want to track, and a note! The meal screen showing energy information.
Group food items into dishes that you can
later add very quickly.
The food browser shows key information
for each food item you select.
The nutrition facts are shown using the
US FDA color-coded chart.
You can enter your own food items. You can also enter all the nutrition information for them, either in grams of in percent of daily values.
You can track your workouts too! Into body measurements?
Track them with MyPersonalDiet.
The Carbs-Prot-Fat % chart shows
the nutrients you're getting your energy from.
The calories-per-hour chart shows
when you eat throughout the day.
You can define your meal schedule and
see if you eat according to it.
Individual nutrient consumption can be tracked.
Many charts will be available. Only a few are shown here. The synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3
via Wi-Fi is fully integrated into MyPersonalDiet.

It is compatible with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 for Windows!

Like the Windows Mobile and Palm OS versions, it fully synchronizes with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 for Windows 7, Vista and XP via Wi-Fi. Any information you enter in MyPersonalDiet for iPhone synchronizes with your PC and vice-versa, including your routes recorded with your iPhone or downloaded from a supported Garmin device on your PC.

In some cases, it is more convenient to enter data using a PC keyboard, such as journal notes. Or if your iPhone or iPod Touch is damaged, lost or stolen, or if you switch to another mobile device, the synchronization brings back your valuable data on your new phone. Synchronization is a must when you record information about yourself.

Whereas some other software synchronization is basically one-way (e.g. SyncDocs where a complete file/database crushes the other, discarding some of the latest data you entered) , VidaOne synchronization reconciles each piece of information, ensuring that your most recent data are merged together, as you expect it.

All is needed is a Wi-Fi connection (along possible setting adjustments to your PC's firewall to let the connection go through as it is with any software that requires network access).

Due to some iPhone technical characteristics, 3rd-party applications such as MyPersonalDiet cannot synchronize via iTunes, so Wi-Fi is the only option to connect to a computer on a local network such as a home network.  Also, 3rd-party applications cannot share data among themselves, so the data entered in MyPersonalDiet cannot be shared with MySportTraining and vice-versa. Fortunately, the synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness allows the same data to be replicated in both applications.

About iTunes backups: you do not need VidaOne Diet & Fitness to make iTunes backup of your VidaOne apps and data on your iPhone. iTunes will automatically backup all your applications and their data independently of using VidaOne Diet & Fitness or not. It should nonetheless noted that some customers have notified us that iTunes failed to properly restore backups but got all their VidaOne data back by restoring them from VidaOne Diet & Fitness.

Live GPS Recording: record your routes using the location capabilities of your iPhone

MyPersonalDiet lets you record the route of your outdoor workout while you are doing it. Not only does it show you the actual location, speed and pace, you can also view at any time the route you've followed and where you are on Google Maps.

You can also listen to your favorite music while recording your route, directly from MyPersonalDiet.

While recording, you can add laps in various ways. You can enter a lap manually (by tapping a Lap button), or you can set an auto-lap by distance (e.g. every 5 mi/km) or by position (e.g. every time you past nearby a specific position). Laps data is then stored with the workout's route information.

Once the workout is completed and saved, you can later review the route, and email it to some friend as a GPX file. And if you are using VidaOne Diet & Fitness, the route will also be available on your PC, where you can review it, email it or print it.

Additionally, if you are using a supported Garmin device with VidaOne Diet & Fitness, the recorded maps can also be viewed from MyPersonalDiet.

Establish a complete diet plan
  • Enter your profile and find out what your normal weight range exactly is.
  • Choose your target weight and MyPersonalDiet will help you determine how long a healthy diet will take. Successful weight losses are achieved by making small, but long-lasting, changes.
  • Select your diet plan (such as low carb) or create your own. MyPersonalDiet will later notify you whenever you select a food that does not match your diet plan (such as choosing food too rich in carbs while being on a low-carb diet).
  • Set nutrients daily limits (minimum and/or maximum) on specific nutrients (such as carbs or fat) you need to watch for in order reach your daily goals and stay within your diet plan. You will be able to see in a chart how much you have consumed through your meals and how much you can (or not) consume further.
  • Select your daily energy requirements for MyPersonalDiet to calculate the recommend percent daily values (%DV). You will be able to see whether you are missing, meeting or exceeding the %DV of the nutrients you're tracking.

Comprehensive meal entry
  • Enter meals using 7500+ food items based on the USDA food database, along macro- and micro-nutrients (carbs, proteins, total fat, sodium, cholesterol, sugar, etc.) A powerful search lets you find foods in a split-second. MyPersonalDiet also keeps track of your favorite foods, making it super fast to build meals with the food you consume the most.
  • For each food, see how much energy comes from carbs, proteins and fat. MyPersonalDiet will notify you whenever you select a food that does not match your diet plan (such as choosing food too rich in carbs while being on a low-carb diet).
  • You can track water and enter meals using food group servings, which is best when consuming prepared foods.
  • Add your own food with detailed nutritional information, either by weight (g/mg) or by percent Daily Value (%DV), making it a snap to enter custom foods if you have the nutritional facts (found on almost all food items)
  • See a daily summary of each food you consume, with a list of nutrients you choose to track.
  • Makes it easy to count calories.

Track your health and workouts
  • Track essential vital signs: weight, body fat, blood pressure and blood work markers (calcium, insulin, iron, hematocrit and triglyceride to name a few).
  • Also record your workouts, using one of the 30+ activities or by creating your own, along the duration and distance, exertion and heart rate, and MyPersonalDiet calculates how many calories (or kJ) you used and body fat you burnt.

Quick and easy monitoring and tracking
  • The Today screen displays your daily energy goal and actual status. Immediately see whether you can consume (or not) more food.
  • The Results screen summarizes your accomplishments since the beginning of your diet regarding:
    • Your current weight vs. how much you should weigh at the moment.
    • Your eating habits (whether you consume too much or not enough food).
    • Your exercising habits (whether you exercise enough or not).
    • What to do to reach your weight goal in terms of eating and exercising.
  • The day view shows a summary of calories (or kJ) or any nutrients you wish to track (such as carbs, sugar, etc). Quickly find out how much of them you consumed and eliminate any guesswork about how much you can still consume (or not) for the remaining of the day while staying within your limits.
  • The day view also presents a diet summary that displays your weight trend from the start of your diet independently of the too-often discouraging but normal and usual daily weight fluctuations. The weight trend is what matters, not the daily fluctuations.
  • The month view shows an immediate snapshot of your efforts overall: you can immediately see for any day if your weight is on track with your goal or not, helping you make a prompt assessment of your situation and take the right decisions.
  • The chart view lets you visualize information for you to make the right decisions:
    • Calories: consumption/expenditure, net and per hour.
    • Vital signs: body weight, body fat, blood pressure and blood markers (e.g. cholesterol).
    • Water and nutrients consumption.
    • Workout duration, distance and heart rate.

Essential for people with food restrictions
  • Enter daily limits (minimum or maximum) about nutrients that have a direct impact on your health, such as glucose, cholesterol, fiber, sugar, sodium, etc. Not only will this help to stay within your daily limits, but it is indispensable for anyone whose health highly depends on limiting the consumption of specific nutrients (e.g. diabetics, people with high cholesterol, people with high blood pressure, etc.) This is also useful for people that need to consume a minimum of specific nutrients, such as calcium.
  • As you enter meals, MyPersonalDiet can show you how much of each nutrient you have consumed for the day, and whether you can consume more, have reached or exceeded the maximum (and by how much). This eliminates the guesswork about what you can or not eat for the rest of the day.
  • Track blood work analysis and markers (such as cholesterol, triglyceride, etc). You can also instantly chart any blood marker over any period of time  to see any important trends.

More than 100 features for health-conscious people to track all aspects of their diet
  • A Welcome Wizard gathers your profile information and lets you set your preferences. If you've synchronized with VidaOne Diet & Fitness, the Welcome Wizard allows you to bypass those steps and synchronize right away.

  • The "Today" screen lets you enter new data:

    • Meals
    • Workouts, including GPS tracking
    • Health
    • It also shows how many calories you can consume for the remaining of the day while staying with your diet goal.
  • The "Journal" screen shows daily information:
    • You can see multiple chart to track calories and nutrients consumption.
    • View a body weight chart that shows whether you are on track or not.
    • See all the details about the meals, workouts and health information you entered for a given day.
  • The "Calendar" screen provides snapshots of your weight and data entry for a month:
    • See your weight on each day you entered it.
    • When on a diet, icons are shown to let you know whether you weight is on track given your goals. MyPersonalDiet uses advanced calculations to estimate your actual body weight independently of the all too common body weight fluctuations.
    • Easily find days where meals, workouts, and health records have been entered, or when GPS workouts have been recorded.
  • Diet tracking
    • Establish healthy and reasonable goals. When entering a diet, enter your current and target weights, and the start date of your diet. MyPersonalDiet then shows you the normal weight range based on your Body Mass Index (BMI), and provides you a date range that is healthy to reach your goal. That way, you can set realistic goals that are achievable.
    • Enter your diet plan or choose among one of the following:
      • USDA Food Pyramid
      • High Carbs
      • Low Carb
      • High Protein
      • Low Protein
      • Low fat
    • You can enter optional lower and upper limits on any nutrients you want to track.  For instance, you can the maximum amount of carbs you want to take daily, and you can alter track your carbs consumption and see how close you are from that limit at any time during the day.
    • Enter your daily energy requirements (e.g. 2000 calories) for the calculation of your daily dietary intake (Percent Daily Value, %DV), which you can track.
    • Enter your target meal schedule (types of meals, time when you take them and the daily energy each should provide) and see how well you are following it. You can choose among those types of meals:
      • Morning
      • Breakfast
      • Mid-morning
      • Lunch
      • Mid-afternoon
      • Dinner
      • Evening
      • Snack/Drink
      • Supplement
      • Meal 1 to Meal 6 (ideal if you take more than 3 meals per day)
    • When dieting, you can see at-a-glance the results of your efforts in terms of your weight goals, the food you consume, your workouts and an overall rating of how you are doing
  • Various charts about your meals, workouts and health data, are available, over any period of time:
    • Meals
      • Calories
      • Calories (Net)
      • Calories per hour, to see at what time of the day you consume your meals. It's usually best to avoid meals toward the end of the day and this screen will show you if you are consuming too much too late.
      • Meal Schedule, to see whether you are eating according to your schedule (which you can fully customize) i.e. when you're supposed to. Eating between meals usually results in gaining weight. It's also very useful for people who want to adhere to a specific schedule (athletes or due to a medical condition). This chart will show you how accurately you are following your schedule.
      • Points
    • Weight
      • Body Weight
      • Body Fat
    • Nutrients
      • Carbs-Prot-Fat %, the amount of energy that comes from carbohydrates, proteins and fat. If you are following a diet specifically rich or low in one of these nutrients e.g. low-carbs, high-proteins, this chart lets you know if you are consuming the right amount of them.
      • Any of the nutrients you are tracking (e.g. carbs, protein, sodium, calcium, etc.)
    • Health
      • Blood Pressure
      • Any of the blood markers you are tracking (e.g. cholesterol, glucose, etc.)
    • Workouts
      • Duration
      • Distance
      • Avg. Heart Rate
  • GPS recording:
    • Record "live" the route of your outdoor workout
    • Shows current coordinates, heading, duration, distance, average speed, current speed, current altitude, and battery life.
    • View routes on Google Maps while recording or later.
    • Listen to your music while recording, and you can pause, skip, and shuffle a selected playlist.
    • Can record lap:
      • Manually, by pressing the lap button
      • Automatically when passing by a specific location
      • Automatically after a specific distance
    • Choose distance unit, speed unit, GPS coordinate formats
    • Auto-stop will pause the recording when you are stopped
    • Choose between a slow and fast paced workout for improved accuracy
    • Beep if the GPS signal is lost
  • Meals
    • More than 8000 food to choose from. The database is built on the US Dept of Agriculture database, and we added over 1000 popular restaurant foods. We will continue to add more in future releases.
    • Enter your meals by selecting food items in the Food Browser and/or by servings (faster)
    • Track calories and points
    • Food Browser:
      • Simplified selection by using the food you selected in the Food Organizer
      • Shows a complete description of each item, its nutrients (in mg/g or %DV), and an energy summary charts. You can also see the complete nutrition facts for each item.
      • Shows a warning if a selected food item does not match your selected diet (e.g. if you select a fatty food while being on a low fat diet).
    • The food items you choose is kept in a Favorites list which you can easily access to find the food you consume the most.
    • Quick and powerful search of the food database (e.g. search for entries that contains some words but not others).
    • Energy summary chart for the meal
    • You can enter a note
  • Workouts
    • Use one of the 32 pre-defined activities or create your own (with customized calorie expenditure).
      For all workouts, you can enter:
      • Activity, date, time, duration, calories, body fat burned, exertion rating
      • Distance, pace, average heart rate
      • Custom fields, to track additional data that matters for you (requires VidaOne Diet & Fitness)
      • A note
    • Copy past workouts for faster data entry.
    • if you are a sport-enthusiast or athlete, we recommend you to take a look at MySportTraining, which is mainly focused on  tracking all details about your workouts.
  • Health records
    • Weight
    • Body fat %
    • Heart rate (resting)
    • Mood
    • Blood pressure
    • Activity level
    • Blood markers, any of the following:
      • Marker 1
    • Body measurements: neck, biceps, forearm, wrist, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf
    • Use custom fields to track any additional values (requires VidaOne Diet & Fitness).
    • A note
    • You can enter multiple records per day at any time.
  • Personalization
    • Select American or Metric units preference.
    • Choose between calories and kilojoules.
    • Select the first day of week (Saturday, Sunday or Monday).
    • Choose to track points and if so, you can enter a daily maximum
    • Choose to see your BMI when you enter your weight
    • Choose to see a blood pressure assessment (e.g. "High") when entering it.
    • Select which nutrients you want to track among: total carbs, protein, total fat, calcium, cholesterol, fiber, iron, phosphorus, potassium, saturated fat, sodium, sugars and water.
    • Select which blood markers you want to track among: albumin, BUN, calcium, chloride, cholesterol, cholesterol (HDL), cholesterol (LDL), CO2, creatinine, estradiol, globulin, glucose, hematocrit, insulin, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, triglyceride, uric acid, white blood count.
  • Data Management
    • Synchronize your data with VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows 7/Vista/XP.
    • Purge data you no longer want to track.
    • Set a passcode lock to protect your data so that only you can open the application.

We listen!

We value feedback, and encourage you to share with us (info@vidaone.com) your thoughts, what you like and what features you would like to see. Thank you.

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