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Windows 8 supported!
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

VidaOne Diet & Fitness


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Actual App Store reviews

Nov. 2009 Less than a month after its initial release,
MySportTraining is featured in the iTunes' What's Hot section!

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User's guide (PDF)  
 Recent Versions
Version 1.6 (Sep 17, 2010)
Improved support for iOS4.
Version 1.5
Synchronization improvements.
Version 1.4
Calendar: sick days are shown grayed
Export: data is now exported as an email attachment
Body measurements can now be charted
Health records can be added via the Calendar [+] button.
Added options to fine-tune the Live Recording.
Version 1.3
Added the Live Recording.
Version 1.2
New Today screen (see picture below).
Enhanced activity editing (see picture below).
Routes can now be entered with predefined distance.
Sets can be entered with intervals.
Intervals can be scratched, charted.

The wait IS over!

The most comprehensive, most popular, most award-winning fitness application
is now available for your iPhone and iPod Touch, with a complete set of features
to track every detail of your cardio and strength workouts.


  • Full synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 (sold separately), for faster data entry and for a safe, indispensable backup of all your workout data in case your phone is damaged, lost, stolen. And if you replace it with another supported phone, you can transfer all your data on it in seconds.
  • Live GPS recording on Google Maps. See your route while working out and review it once you're done. Routes are also synchronized with VidaOne Diet & Fitness.


During a live workout recording, you can stop the workout and resume the recording later. To do so, edit the existing workout to resume, select the Exercises tab, and tap Record Workout to show the Live Recording screen. Use the Previous and Next arrows to locate the exercises to start from, and tap the Play button.


You can also suspend a recording by tapping the Stop button, which shows the exercise list. Notice the arrow on the left. Tap under any exercise name in the list to move the arrow to that exercise. Then tap Resume Workout to start the recording from that exercise.





And they look much better on a real device...


Easily add workout or health records, record a GPS route,
or synchronize with VidaOne Diet & Fitness.
MySportTraining comes with activities and routines, and
you can add your own (shown in bold here).

Edit My Activities (Version 1.2)

Journal, featuring the Nebula theme

You can create as many activities (cardio and strength training) as you need, as build routines for each of them. The Journal provides details of your workouts for a day.

Calendar, featuring the Deep Cool theme

Charts, featuring the Tattoo theme

Quickly see which days you've been working out,
and plan future workouts as well.
More than 15 charts are available about your workouts and health records, over any period of time.

Front body chart

Back body chart
You can select the exercises from a list of popular exercises, create your own, or
use the muscle chart to suggest exercises per muscle group.

The Live Recording (in version 1.3)
guides you through your workout.

The Live Recording (in version 1.3)
shows health tips when resting.

Routes are shown on Google Maps

Training zones, featuring the Designer theme
Recorded routes (with laps) are shown on Google Maps, and
can also be seen in VidaOne Diet & Fitness on your PC or Mac.
Identify your training zones to optimize your workouts.

Journal, featuring various themes

Synchronization, featuring the Classic theme
Choose one of the 10 themes to suit your preference.
You can also use the classic iPhone theme.
The synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3
via Wi-Fi is fully integrated into MySportTraining.

Exercising is good for you

To feel better, have more energy and live longer, look no further than regular, old-fashioned, sweat-inducing exercise. By introducing a moderate amount of exercise into your daily life, you can significantly improve your overall health, well-being and quality of life. The health benefits of exercise can be achieved by virtually everyone, regardless of age, sex, race or physical ability. The merits of exercise - ranging from preventing chronic health conditions to boosting your confidence - are hard to ignore: regular physical activity helps extend life and improve its quality.

VidaOne® MySportTraining® for iPhone is the most complete app for iPhone and iPod Touch designed to track and improve your health & fitness, and to motivate you to exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle, at a fraction of the cost of some sports equipment or gym membership

It is compatible with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 for Windows!

Like the Android, Windows Mobile and Palm OS versions, it fully synchronizes with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 for Windows 7, Vista and XP via Wi-Fi. Any information you enter in MySportTraining for iPhone synchronizes with your PC and vice-versa, including your routes recorded with your iPhone or downloaded from a supported Garmin device on your PC.

In some cases, it is more convenient to enter data using a PC keyboard, such as journal notes. Or if your iPhone or iPod Touch is damaged, lost or stolen, or if you switch to another mobile device, the synchronization brings back your valuable data on your new phone. Synchronization is a must when you record information about yourself.

Whereas some other software synchronization is basically one-way (e.g. SyncDocs where a complete file/database crushes the other, discarding some of the latest data you entered) , VidaOne synchronization reconciles each piece of information, ensuring that your most recent data are merged together, as you expect it.

All is needed is a Wi-Fi connection (along possible setting adjustments to your PC's firewall to let the connection go through as it is with any software that requires network access).

Due to some iPhone technical characteristics, 3rd-party applications such as MySportTraining cannot synchronize via iTunes, so Wi-Fi is the only option to connect to a computer on a local network such as a home network.  Also, 3rd-party applications cannot share data among themselves, so the data entered in MySportTraining cannot be shared with MyPersonalDiet and vice-versa. Fortunately, the synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness allows the same data to be replicated in both applications.

About iTunes backups: you do not need VidaOne Diet & Fitness to make iTunes backup of your VidaOne apps and data on your iPhone. iTunes will automatically backup all your applications and their data independently of using VidaOne Diet & Fitness or not. It should nonetheless noted that some customers have notified us that iTunes failed to properly restore backups but got all their VidaOne data back by restoring them from VidaOne Diet & Fitness.

Live GPS Recording: record your routes using the location capabilities of your iPhone

MySportTraining lets you record the route of your outdoor workout while you are doing it. Not only does it show you the actual location, speed and pace, you can also view at any time the route you've followed and where you are on Google Maps.

You can also listen to your favorite music while recording your route, directly from MySportTraining.

While recording, you can add laps in various ways. You can enter a lap manually (by tapping a Lap button), or you can set an auto-lap by distance (e.g. every 5 mi/km) or by position (e.g. every time you past nearby a specific position). Laps data is then stored with the workout's route information.

Once the workout is completed and saved, you can later review the route, and email it to some friend as a GPX file. And if you are using VidaOne Diet & Fitness, the route will also be available on your PC, where you can review it, email it or print it.

Additionally, if you are using a supported Garmin device with VidaOne Diet & Fitness, the recorded maps can also be viewed from MySportTraining.

The Live Recording guides you through your workouts while exercising

No more guesswork, no need for an expensive coach.

Let the Live Recorder guide you throughout your workouts while you exercise. It shows you which exercise to do, which set, how many reps, what weight, how long to rest, using clearly-readable timers. You can pause the recording, make on-the-fly changes, restart or skip exercises (even chart them on-the-spot), or simply follow the workout from begin to end.

This key feature helps you achieve powerful workouts in short periods of time that you can fit in your tight schedule and that provide maximum results. And you can listen to your music while recording your workouts!

Track the information that matters to you
  • For all workouts:
    • Activity, date, time, duration, calories, body fat burned, energy rating, exertion rating, overall rating, heart rate (max, min, avg, training zone, % of time in training zone), and a note.
    • Gears (e.g. running shoes, recording devices) whose usage (distance or duration) is automatically updated as you enter workouts. This makes it easy to know when a recording device's battery needs to be changed before it become empty during a major event.
    • Custom fields*, to track any additional data that matters for you.
    • You can duplicate, email and share workouts on Twitter and Facebook.
  • For cardio workouts, you can also enter course details (route, distance, pace, ascent, weather, temperature, wind, humidity), laps (lap time, average HR, note) and intervals (type, sets, duration, recovery).
  • For strength workouts, , you can also enter location, warm-up and cool-down periods, use a body chart to enter exercises (sets, reps, weights, % of max, rest time including supersets, RPE, note). For each exercise, you can enter up to 5 sets with different reps/weights or up to 250 sets with the same reps/weights . You can add more of the same exercise if you need more sets.
  • Track key information about your health, multiple times per day if needed: weight, body fat %, heart rate (resting), blood pressure, activity level, mood, sleep quality and duration, body measurements (neck, biceps, forearm, wrist, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf), custom fields* and a note.

* Custom fields require VidaOne Diet & Fitness

Get motivated to exercise
  • It calculates the calories/kJ and fat you burn - get instant gratification after your hard work.
  • Use the calendar to see all your workouts at-a-glance and appreciate your accomplishments.
  • Use the chart view to see a variety of motivating charts to see your improvement over time.

 A must for the gym
  • Choose from 30 workouts, 40 strength exercises, 20 cardio intervals or create your own.
  • Build your routines before going to the gym. MySportTraining remembers the routines so if you stop workout out for a while and resume training, you can bring back your original routines.
  • Complete workout tracking: sets, reps, weight & units (including % of max), RPE and rest (including supersets).
  • Use the colored muscle chart to find different exercises (including your own) for a muscle group and add variety to your workouts.
  • Up to 5 different sets per exercise - ideal for Body-For-LIFE® challengers!
  • Create your own exercises, and attach image files to them.

More than 100 features for health-conscious people, sport enthusiasts and athletes
  • A Welcome Wizard gathers your profile information and lets you set your preferences.

  • The "Today" screen lets you enter new data:

    • Start a live GPS recording and track your route as you go.
    • Add workouts by choosing from a list of pre-defined activities or add your own (cardio or strength).
    • For faster entry, your favorite workouts are always shown at the top.
    • Build a routine for a strength or interval workout before you go to the gym.
      • Choose to use the routine once, always, or not anymore.
      • The estimated duration of the workout is shown when building routines
    • When adding a workout, the exercises/intervals are automatically brought in from the last entry of that same workout for faster data entry.
    • When entering a workout, you can quit the application, come back in, and  continue where you left off.
  • The "Journal" screen shows daily information:
    • Lists all the workout and health information you entered for a given day.
    • Easily plan your week by adding workouts
  • The "Calendar" screen provides a snapshot of all your workouts for a month:
    • Lists a summary of the workouts and health records for the selected day.
    • Easily find days where health records have been entered, workouts have been recorded, GPS data has been recorded, or personal best workouts have been recorded.
    • See the duration or distance for workouts on a given day
    • Easily plan your month by adding workouts
  • The "Charts screen" lets you select from 15 reports/charts about your workouts and health data, for any period of time:
    • Report (list of workouts)
    • Workouts
      • Duration
      • Distance
      • Pace
      • Ascent
      • Volume and Intensity
      • Intensity and Exertion
      • Training Heart Rate
      • Weight Lifted
    • Health:
      • Calories
      • Body Weight
      • Body Fat
      • Sleep Hours
      • Blood Pressure
      • Resting Heart Rate
  • GPS recording:
    • Record "live" the route of your outdoor workout
    • Shows current coordinates, heading, duration, distance, average speed, current speed, current altitude, and battery life.
    • View routes on Google Maps while recording or later.
    • Listen to your music while recording, and you can pause, skip, and shuffle a selected playlist.
    • Can record lap:
      • Manually, by pressing the lap button
      • Automatically when passing by a specific location
      • Automatically after a specific distance
    • Choose distance unit, speed unit, GPS coordinate formats
    • Auto-stop will pause the recording when you are stopped
    • Choose between a slow and fast paced workout for improved accuracy
    • Beep if the GPS signal is lost
  • Workouts
    • Use one of the 32 pre-defined activities or create your own (with customized calorie expenditure).
    • For all workouts, you can enter:
      • Activity, date, time, duration, calories, body fat burned, energy rating, exertion rating, overall rating, heart rate (max, min, avg, training zone, % of time in training zone), and a note
      • Gears (e.g. running shoes) whose usage (distance or duration) is automatically updated as you enter workouts
      • Custom fields, to track additional data that matters for you (requires VidaOne Diet & Fitness)
    • For cardio workouts, you can also enter:
      • Course details:
        • Route
        • Distance (mi, km, m, f, yd)
        • Pace (mi/h, km/h, m/sec, yd/sec, per mile, per km, per m, per yd, per 500m)
        • Ascent
        • Weather (clear, variable, cloudy, foggy, drizzle, rain, snow)
        • Temperature
        • Wind (none, light, moderate strong)
        • Humidity (dry, comfortable, humid, very humid)
      • Laps: lap time, average HR and a note
      • Intervals:
        • Choose from popular intervals or add your own
        • Sets
        • Duration
        • Recovery time
        • Note
    • For strength training workouts, you can also enter:
      • Location
      • Warm-up and cool-down periods
      • Exercises
        • One of the 40 provided, or add your own
        • Sets
        • Reps
        • Weights, or % of max (which is automatically tracked)
        • Rest time (including none for supersets)
        • RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
        • A note
      • For each exercise, you can enter up to 5 sets with different reps/weights or up to 250 sets with the same reps/weights . You can add more of the same exercise if you need more sets.
    • Record "live" your strength training exercises or cardio intervals:
      • It uses a countdown timer (that can be paused) to guide you through the entire workout.
      • Exercise duration and rest periods can be configured.
      • Exercises/intervals can be restarted, skipped if desired.
      • You can listen to your music while recording.
      • Health tips are shown during rest periods.
  • Health records
    • Track key information about your health:
      • Weight
      • Body fat %
      • Heart rate (resting)
      • Blood pressure
      • Activity level
      • Mood
      • Sleep quality and duration
      • Body measurements: neck, biceps, forearm, wrist, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf
      • A note
    • Use custom fields to track additional values (requires VidaOne Diet & Fitness).
    • You can enter multiple records per day at any time.
  • Personalization
    • Select American or Metric units preference.
    • Choose between calories and kilojoules.
    • Select the first day of week (Saturday, Sunday or Monday).
    • Select one of the 10 colorful, professionally-designed themes, or use the classic iPhone theme.
  • Fitness tools
    • The Activity Filter lets us choose which activity you want to see (vs. those you want to hide).
    • View all your Personal Best workouts.
    • Review the actual usage of your workout gears.
    • Review your training zones.
  • Data Management
    • Synchronize your data with VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows XP/Vista/7.
    • Email your workouts as CSV attachments.
    • Purge data you no longer want to track.

We listen!

We value feedback, and encourage you to share with us (info@vidaone.com) your thoughts, what you like and what features you would like to see. Thank you.

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