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Windows 8 supported!
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

VidaOne Diet & Fitness


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Ranked #1 on Handango's
Most Popular Nutrition & Fitness apps for BlackBerry.

"For your first BlackBerry apps guys, let me tell you that not only this beats any
fitness app out there by a landslide, but it's one of the slickest apps I've used
in the full past 5 years I've been on BlackBerry. I cannot thank you enough!
Mick Z. (beta tester)

Requirements: BlackBerry 5 or 6, external media card (eg. micro SD card)

Special price!
$14.95 $9.95

User's guide

 Recent Versions
Version 1.2.3 (Jan 31, 2011)
Improvements for Torch.
Version 1.2.2
GPS tracking enhancements.
Version 1.2.1
Body measurements are now properly displayed when edited.
Version 1.2.0
Added new charts that show duration & distance per activity. Ideal for people into multiple sports such as gym & cardio.
Version 1.1.2
Improved support for touch screens (e.g. Torch, Storm 2).
Misc. cosmetic improvements.
Version 1.1.1

Improved the GPS auto-start feature.
Version 1.1.0
Added GPS auto-lap recording options
Using auto-capitalization with notes
Version 1.0.0
First release

The wait IS over!

The most comprehensive, most popular, most award-winning fitness software is now available for your BlackBerry phone, with a complete set of features to track every detail of your cardio and strength workouts.


Full synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 (sold separately), for faster data entry and for a safe, indispensable backup of all your workout data in case your upgrade or replace your phone. And if you replace it with another supported phone, you can also transfer all your data on it in seconds.


Live GPS recording of your outdoor workouts (see pictures at the bottom of this page for a preview). See the duration, distance, speed, altitude as you go, then view a map of your route since you started and save it into a workout to review it later. And if you use VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3, the routes are synchronized and viewable on your PC too!

Exercising is good for you

To feel better, have more energy and live longer, look no further than regular, old-fashioned, sweat-inducing exercise. MySportTraining is the premier health & fitness application designed to track and improve your health & fitness, and to motivate you to exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle, at a fraction of the cost of most sports equipment or gym membership.

MySportTraining is compatible with VidaOne Diet and Fitness for Windows 7, Vista and XP.
See bundle offer!

Track the information that matters to you
  • For all workouts: duration, personal ratings, heart rate data, and notes.
  • For cardio workouts: route, distance, pace, ascent and intervals.
  • For strength workouts: location, warm-up, cool-down, exercises.
  • For your health: calorie/kJ intake, weight, body fat, mood, sleep, blood pressure, resting heart rate and body measurements.
"Superb fitness tracking application" - James Borden, Pocket PC Life

Get motivated to exercise
  • It calculates the calories/kJ and fat you burn - get instant gratification after your hard work.
  • Use the month view to see all your workouts at-a-glance and appreciate your accomplishments.
  • Use the chart view to see a variety of motivating charts to see your improvement over time.
"If this software doesn't inspire you to get fit, then I don't know what will." - John Ottini, Pocket PC Magazine

A must for the gym
  • Choose from 30 workouts, 40 strength exercises, 20 cardio intervals or create your own.
  • Use the colored muscle chart to find different exercises (including your own) for a muscle group and add variety to your workouts.
  • Up to 5 different sets per exercise - ideal for Body-For-LIFE® challengers!

A must for your outdoor workouts
  • Record your outdoor workouts using the integrated GPS receiver.
  • Track your duration, distance, current speed, average speed, and see where you are on a Google maps.
  • Use the auto-start feature or pause the recording manually.
  • Add laps
  • Save all the data (including laps) in a workout of your choice, see how many calories you burned, add additional information, such as the exertion, workout gear, notes, etc. for complete workout tracking.
  • You can later review the route.
  • If you are using VidaOne Diet & Fitness, the route is also synchronized with your PC.


Full Synchronization with your Windows PC
  • Synchronize your workouts and health date with VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows XP & Vista (sold separately) via Wi-Fi.
  • This is not just a companion app, but a full-fledge diet and fitness application that earned has earned many awards.
  • For Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • Mac users can also enjoy it using Windows emulators (Parallels, VMware)
  • Having your data on your PC make it easier to review your data, enter custom fields. Plus, if you change phone because you upgraded, or it was damaged or stolen, you can get your data back in seconds.

    Diet & Fitness bundle: get 15% off VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows when you buy it with MySportTraining. Use the code VODF-MSTB when checking out.

Feature-rich for health-conscious people, sport enthusiasts and athletes
  • Support for English and Metric units.
  • Filter out some activities to review specific workouts.
  • Track your 'personal best' workouts .
  • It calculates your training zones using popular methods or you can customize them (via VidaOne Diet & Fitness).
  • Add workout gear (like running shoes or heart rate monitors) and automatically track their usage (by distance or duration).
  • Search past workout and health record notes.
  • Purge older data you no longer want.
"Overall I found this app very helpful in planning, shaping and improving my workouts. I recommend it to anyone who exercises regularly, and those who would like to get motivated to do so." - Clint, Handango Staff Pick Expert Review

Awards (Pocket PC version)


How to Download and Install

  • Download and unzip mstbb.zip. It contains two files: mstbb.alx and mstbb.cod.
  • To unzip on Windows 7 or Vista, right-click on the file and choose Open With > Windows Explorer. This opens a windows showing the content of the file. Drag those file into some other directory in order to extract them from the zip file.
  • To unzip on Windows XP, right-click on the file and choose Open With > Compressed (zipped) Folder.

  • Connect your BlackBerry to your PC and open BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  • Once connected, click on Applications > Import Files, select mstbb.alx in the directory where you saved it, and click Open.
  • Then click Apply to install it on your BlackBerry.
  • Once installed, disconnect your BlackBerry.
  • On your BlackBerry, go to the Home screen, press the MENU key to display all folders and locate the MySportTraining icon.
  • You will be prompted to grant MySportTraining Trusted Application status. Choose Yes to continue.
  • Make sure to select MENU > Settings to enter your profile. If you are using VidaOne Diet & Fitness, you can then optionally sync with VidaOne Diet & Fitness (see below for more information about this).
  • Note: the database is stored on the storage card. As a result, the first time you load the application, it may take about 10 seconds for the app to appear on the screen. Also, the first synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness will take from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness

You can synchronize MySportTraining with VidaOne Diet & Fitness on your PC (Windows 7, Vista or XP) via Wi-Fi (synchronization cannot be done via cable at this time).

  • If you are already used VidaOne Diet & Fitness on your PC:
    • Make a backup via the Home toolbar > Backup.
    • If you have already used VidaOne Net Sync, right click on the VidaOne icon in the lower right corner if one is shown, and select Exit. This terminates VidaOne NetSync.

  • Download VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3.7. You can install it over the version you have without losing any data. If you are using version 3.x, this is a free upgrade. If you are using version 2.x, please contact us for upgrade information and pricing.
  • If prompted by your firewall, make sure to unblock VidaOne NetSync

Click to enlarge

  • Select the Profile toolbar and click on the Android icon. This launches VidaOne NetSync, which shows an icon in the computer tray (lower right corner). Never mind that it states iPhone and iPod Touch Synchronization (we'll fix that later).

Click to enlarge

  • When launched (or clicked upon), VidaOne NetSync shows your computer address and a port number.
  • In MySportTraining for BlackBerry, go to the Today screen and select the Sync icon.

  • In the Synchronize screen, enter the same address and port. Then touch Synchronize. You should get all your data on your phone. Pretty cool, no?
  • Note that the sync is not automatic, which means that you have to manually sync by going to the MySportTraining's synchronization screen. An option will later be added to auto-sync whenever you launch the app.
  • More information is available about VidaOne Net Sync in VidaOne Diet & Fitness user's guide.

And they look much better on a real device...


Easily add workout or health records, edit settings
or synchronize with VidaOne Diet & Fitness.
The Journal provides details of your workouts and
health records for a day.


Front body chart (scrollable)
The calendar shows all your workouts for a month,
with the duration or the distance,
using colors to show the workouts intensity.
You can select the exercises from a list of popular exercises, create your own, or use the muscle chart to suggest exercises per muscle group.


The report lists all your workouts for a period of time. Many charts are available to track your workouts,
with convenient pre-defined periods for
quick analysis of your hard work.

Training Zones

Activity Filter
Enter your maximum heart rate (actual or estimated) to see your training zones for optimum workout results. MySportTraining comes with predefined activities, and you can add your own. Use the activity filter to review specific activities (e.g. racing activities) in the calendar and charts.

Data Entry

MySportTraining features a clean user interface taking advantage of the keyboard, trackball and touch screen when available. Full synchronization with MySportTraining for Windows via Wi-Fi.


Here is the list of shortcuts:

  • Today/Journal/Calendar/Charts views
    • Alt-T: Today
    • Alt-J: Journal
    • Alt-C: Calendar
    • Alt-S: Charts
  • Today view:
    • W: add workout
    • G: GPS recording
    • M: most recent
    • H: add health record
    • S: synchronize
    • T: tools
  • Journal view:
    • W: add workout
    • H: add health record
    • J: move to next item in the list
    • K: move to previous item in the list
    • N: next day with workout and/or health data
    • P: previous day with workout and/or health data
    • G: go to specific date
    • T: go to today
    • Space: expand/collapse journal entries
  • Calendar view:
    • N, Space: next month
    • P, Shit-space: previous month
    • G: go to specific month
    • T: go to this month
  • Charts view:
    • N: Next period
    • P: Previous period
    • J: Next chart
    • K: previous chart
    • For the report:
      • Space: page down
      • Shift-space: page up
      • T: go to Top
      • B: go to Bottom

We listen!

We value feedback, and encourage you to share with us (info@vidaone.com) your thoughts, what you like and what features you would like to see. Thank you.

Copyright © 2005-2012, VidaOne Inc. All rights reserved.