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Why use a heart rate monitor?

The 'no pain, no gain" theory is alive and well in most gyms and households today. People believe that they have to go all out to get the best workout possible. What happens then is the majority of people quit because exercise is too hard. Does that sound like you? Find more...

Polar S-Series Models

The Polar's S-series shown below are high-end heart rate monitors that provide many advanced and sophisticated training features that set them apart from the other Polar models or competitors' products. All of them can be used with MySportTraining on a Pocket PC, Palm OS handheld and PC (see details below). Here is an overview of the features found on these S-series monitors:

  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Multiple settings to store your profile and properly calculate the calories expenditure
  • Exercise sets to create specific workouts such as intervals based on duration, HR recovery, distance, etc.
  • Lap recording with average and max HR
  • Storage for up to 99 workouts
  • Configurable training zone with optional alarm
  • Recovery measurement
  • Standard watch feature with dual time zone, stop watch, alarm and exercise reminder

All products are new and under full Polar warranty. Click on a product below for more details and discount.

Infrared connectivity with MySportTraining

MySportTraining Polar for Palm OS and Pocket PC, an add-on to MySportTraining, allows you to download workouts from your Polar S-series heart rate monitors right into your Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld without any additional hardware, in three simple steps:

  1. In MySportTraining, tap New > HRM Download, then choose Download
  2. Set your Polar monitor in CONNECT mode.
  3. Align your Polar monitor's infrared port with your handheld's infrared port. The data is automatically downloaded within seconds and displayed in stunning and detailed graphs when completed.
You don't have to wait to see how hard you work! Immediately after your workouts, download the data from your Polar monitor to your handheld and see right away your efforts in colored charts (with zooming capabilities).

Riding a bike? You no longer have to remove your Polar monitor from your handlebar. Simply download your workouts into your Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld and you're done!

What's more, upon synchronizing with your PC, the Polar workouts are automatically transferred to MySportTraining for Windows, where you can review your workouts in great details. And from MySportTraining for Windows, you can export the Polar data from your handheld into HRM files, or even directly download workouts from your Polar monitor to your PC in an easy and intuitive manner.

If you're serious about your condition, using a Polar S-series heart rate monitor and MySportTraining will enable you to bring your level of fitness to another level. All MySportTraining software can be used in 10-day trial mode for FREE.

if you buy a Polar S-series heart rate monitor from VidaOne, you'll receive a 30% discount applicable to any purchase on VidaOne.com, in addition to FREE shipping.

How to Buy:

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  • We accept Paypal.
  • Send your Paypal payment at paypal@vidaone.com.
  • Please make sure to provide a U.S. address. We can only ship in the U.S.
  • Upon receiving your payment, we will ship UPS 2-day (free of charge) within 24 hours (business days).
  • We will also email you a discount code good for 30% off any software you buy at VidaOne.com.
  • We accept returns (or exchanges) provided the product has not been used and can be resold.

Questions? Please contact us at sales@VidaOne.com.

The Polar S725X provides the same features than the S625X, but comes with a bicycle speed sensor instead of a running pod. It can optionally collect running data with a Polar S1 pod (the same used with the S625X), and more cycling data with an optional cadence sensor or power kit, all available separately. The suggested retail price is $369.95. Get it for only $329.95! Send your Paypal payment to paypal@VidaOne.com today!

Find more about the Polar S725X

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