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Version 3 (Jan 1, 2009)
Compatibility with MySportTraining 6 and MyPersonalDiet 4.

Using a GPS receiver with your Pocket PC? Track your fitness and workouts with your Pocket PC using the GPS technology, and then view your routes on your Pocket PC, Google Maps or MapMyRide!

Use VidaOne GPS with MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet (sold separately) to record the duration, distance, pace, ascent (altitude gain) and visualize the route of your workouts, without having to purchase additional sport tracking equipment. Simply turn your GPS receiver on and start tracking your workouts! Ideal for casual or competitive walking, hiking, running, road cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, golfing, skiing, etc.

At the end of your workout, the route, duration, distance, pace and ascent can be saved in a workout within MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet, so you do not have to write in the information. You can add more information to the workout (heart rate, perceived exertion, etc.) and use the various views (month, report) and charts (duration, distance, calories, etc.) in MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet to see how much you’ve accomplished and how rewarding all your efforts are. MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet also calculate the calories you burnt along the corresponding fat loss automatically!

You can also see your routes on Google Maps and MapMyRide.com!

Click here to upload and see your routes
See the routes you recorded with VidaOne GPS on Google Maps with its surroundings (as long as Google Maps can show the location). Like any Google Map, you can drag the map with your mouse, zoom in & out, get satellite and hybrid views, etc. And it's free!
[Click here to see a demo]  
MapMyRide.com Share your routes on MapMyRide (login required) to allow other people to see your routes and stay motivated to exercise! VidaOne, Inc. is not affiliated with MapMyFitness, LLC and is independently owned and operated.
[Click here to see a demo]  

You can also customize and enhance the workout maps by entering pushpins (points of interests), such as convenient stores, parks, lakes, golf courses, restaurants, hospitals, malls, construction areas to avoid, etc. You can enter pushpins while recording your workouts or by tap-and-holding their location while viewing a map.

The Real-Time Satellite View shows you the position, altitude and signal strength of all GPS satellites whose signals are received by the GPS receivers. This can help you find a better location to improve the signal quality.

The integration with MySportTraining makes it truly useful and powerful. If you have say 45 minutes to complete a workout on your lunch time, you can use MySportTraining's Calendar or Report views to quickly find a previous 45-minute-or-so workout and view the exact route you took. You're then ready to go, without wondering where to go, where to turn and what areas to avoid. More importantly, you do not have to constantly look at your watch during the workout to adjust your route and make sure you'll be back in time. And if you have less time, say 30 minutes, then review a past 30-minute workout, look at the route and go! You save time, add diversity to your workouts by using different routes, and spend more time enjoying your workouts instead of worrying about completing them in time.

Since VidaOne GPS is fully integrated into MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet, there's no new user interface to learn, and there's only one application to use! VidaOne GPS supports portrait (240x320), landscape (320x240) and square (240x240) screen resolutions, and runs on Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 Second Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0.


bullet MySportTraining 6 or newer -or- MyPersonalDiet 4 or newer
bullet 150Kb to store MySportTraining GPS, either in RAM or on a storage card.
bullet A GPS receiver, either bundled with your Pocket PC or connected to it via a cable or Bluetooth. You must be able to identify the COM port used by the GPS receiver (the user’s guide explains how to obtain this information in seconds for most Pocket PC). The accuracy of the route information provided by MySportTraining GPS is as good as the precision of the GPS receiver.
bullet The size of each map file is about 15 Kb per hour of recording.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

bullet What is GPS?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based radio-navigation system consisting of satellites and ground stations used for monitoring and control. A minimum of 24 GPS satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude of approximately 11,000 miles providing users with accurate information on position, velocity, and time anywhere in the world and in all weather conditions. Source: http://gps.faa.gov/GPSbasics/

bullet How precise is GPS for workout tracking?
The precision depends on the GPS receiver itself, which reports the position information. Due to various factors, the current position at any moment can vary by up to 10 meters (30 feet). This may seem a lot, but it's actually adequate for workout tracking. However, the altitude may vary much further, resulting in the ascent (elevation gain) being inaccurate. Fortunately, the accuracy of the GPS receivers has improved recently and continue to become more precise.

bullet Which GPS receiver is the best and how much does it cost?
There are too many GPS receivers to pick one and various options influence their prices (some come with navigation software, some connect to the Pocket PC using Bluetooth instead of a cable, etc.) Look for GPS receivers that are NMEA-compatible (the vast majority are). Also GPS receivers that feature the SiRF StarIIe or SiRF starIII chipset usually provide adequate tracking, and start at about US$140 (as of March 2006). These GPS manufacturers (among others) offer such GPS receivers: Garmin, Pharos, Teletype, Socket Communications. VidaOne does not endorse any of these manufacturers nor their products.

bullet Are there any risk about carrying my Pocket PC during my workouts?
Most Pocket PC do not have mechanical components making them suitable for carrying them with us. However, like any other electronic equipment, they are sensitive to impacts, water, contaminants (e.g. sweat, sand), etc. It is best to carry them with a hard case that fully covers them (and protects the screen), and keep them steady in a jersey pocket. During our testing, they also supported being stored in a bicycles' saddle bag, even on harsh terrain (i.e. mountain biking). However, consult your Pocket PC user's guide for temperature tolerances and do not use them if it's too cold or too hot (here's a warning from an iPAQ 4150 after a 90-minute workout at a temperature of about 39°C / 102°F). In doubt, consider getting a used Pocket PC on eBay for your workouts!
VidaOne is not responsible for any damage that can occur to your Pocket PC while conducting workouts.

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