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Get a Polar monitor and save!

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 Recent Versions
Version 3 (Jan 1, 2009)
Compatibility with MySportTraining 6 and MyPersonalDiet 4.
Version 2.11
Improved support for CS600 with power.
Version 2.10
Support for RS400, RS800, CS400 & CS600.
Version 2.02
Downloads temperature. Requires MySportTraining 5.2 or MyPersonalDiet 3
Version 2.01
When launched from Start > Programs, first attempts to connect to MySportTraining, then MyPersonalDiet

Using a Polar heart rate monitor? See your performance right into your Pocket PC!

Use VidaOne Polar with MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet (sold separately) to download workout data via infrared from your Polar heart rate monitor S series right into your Pocket PC and to view it in a snap (see supported Polar monitors and Pocket PC models below). No need to wait until you get back to your desktop to see how hard your worked. If you are a cyclist and keep your Polar monitor mounted on the handlebar, you no longer need to remove and re-install it after every ride; simply download your workouts into your Pocket PC! Additionally, your workout data (including the Polar data) can be synchronized onto your PC and viewed with VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows for further analysis.

No need for any additional hardware. All you need is your Polar heart rate monitor and your Pocket PC. The data can be saved into workouts, so you don't have to enter the information from your heart rate monitor. It's practical, fast, fun and motivating!

The download process is simple and straight-forward:

bullet In MySportTraining or MyPersonalDiet, tap the HRM Download button in the toolbar, then choose Download
bullet Set your Polar monitor in CONNECT mode.
bullet Align your Polar monitor's infrared port with your handheld's infrared port. The data is automatically downloaded within seconds and displayed when completed. See for yourself using QuickTime (8MB) or Windows Media Player (3MB).
bullet You can optionally initiate the download via one of your Pocket PC button, making the download process a 1-button operation!

Within seconds, you have a clear and precise snapshot of your effort and performance. See all the information you need: statistics, time spent in each training zone, lap information and charts: heart rate, speed, distance, cadence, power, power balance and power index (depending on your Polar model and features available). Zoom in and out of the the charts and customize their appearance.

Since MySportTraining Polar is fully integrated into MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet, there's no new user interface to learn, and only one application to use! VidaOne Polar supports portrait (240x320), landscape (320x240) and square (240x240) screen resolutions.


bullet MySportTraining 6 or newer -or- MyPersonalDiet 4 or newer

bullet One of the following Polar heart rate monitors (all other Polar models are not supported):
  • RS400 and RS400sd
  • RS800
  • CS400
  • CS600
  • S610 (may not work with all Pocket PC; try first)
  • S610i
  • S625X
  • S710 (may not work with all Pocket PC; try first)
  • S720i
  • S725
  • S725X
  • S810 (may not work with all Pocket PC; try first)
  • S810i
bullet A Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 5 or newer. It is recommend to use VidaOne Polar in trial mode to ensure an infrared compatibility between your Pocket PC and Polar heart rate monitor.


  • The basic continuous and R-R recording modes are supported. However, some interval-based recording modes may not properly be displayed.

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